Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tips in Raising Cows or Cattles, "pag-aalaga ng baka"

Raising cattle don't need that much effort unlike any other livestock where you have to stock up the bags of feeds for them. One cattle will need 0.6 hectare area of good pasture to sustain its needs. Just always remember the rule, the more grass for cow is better than more cows less grass. So it is wiser to buy cheap land to obtain more areas of good pasture for this cows than face bigger problems in the future of thinking to buy their feeds for substitute. Always have a few bags of feeds in case there will be a bad weather. They drink a lot of water, so always let them have only fresh and clean. Don't also forget that they are surprisingly strong, so a very sturdy fence is necessary to hold them in. You can use barb wire or if you can put electricity with it,will do the job in keeping them in place.

You don't have to spend too much in making a shelter for the cows. A simple shelter with strong post will do. Remember that they originally have survive and live in the adverse weather condition before. Big cows have already a bigger defense in sickness but still as much as possible, don't let them be exposed to rain. Specially the calves. They haven't adopted to the environment. They need to be kept warmed. If you notice something different with the condition of the cattle, better consult a veterinary as soon as possible to apply proper and immediate treatment. Remember that you invest big amount of money for a single cow, so it is important even if it its only a cough, better too take action about it to protect your investments.

A cow is bred sixty days after calving. Breed the cow only when she is about 18 months.The young cow and bull should not be mated too early because it will retard their growth and may produce weak offspring. old. The bull should be at least two to three months older than the cow. If the cow shows signs to be ready in the morning, breed her in the afternoon; if it shows in the afternoon breed her the following morning. Be sure to breed only once.

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